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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Intro to the Flora at Devil's Eyebrow

Eric Fuselier shared his presentation on Devil's Eyebrow that he created for the Ozark Native Plant Society. It's not embedding properly today, but you can click the button to view it on Youtube.  Be on the lookout for part two and enjoy your visit to Devil's Eyebrow Natural area!

Intro to Flora at Devil's Eyebrow

How to:  Use the new website

Need some help figuring out how to use and get around the new website?

Here's help:

User manual by NCAMN web administrator Todd Dahlin

Arkansas Master Naturalists
Club Express User's Manual V1

If you are a visual learner, here's a video version of logging in.
More how-to videos coming soon.

How to use AMN's Club Express site


As always, ask for help!

Next Book Club Pick

The MN Book Club meets the third Thursday of every month (except December) at the Shiloh Museum General Store in Springdale. Join us! Remember, you are all encouraged to suggest one of your favorite books for our future discussions.

NWAMN at Work

Bluebird Boxes at Lake Wedington

Dodie Angulo, Steve Alarid , Kathy Mason and a young helper installed 7  bluebird boxes at Lake Wedington in April. The boxes will be  monitored and observations reported to the USFS.

NEED HELP?  Contact JB Portillo - 479-268-8325, OR 

Cheryl Larson - 620-719-0095



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